Friday, May 9, 2014

8 dominant fashion trends - spring / summer 2014

Unacceptable embarrassment of spring sunshine to the heaviness enthusiasm for fashion experiments and to extinguish the desire for novelty that would have incorporated the style of dress. 

A current fashion season really has nothing to us happy and inspired.
From the fusion of artistic spirit, sport chic, floral fantasy,
moderate provocation and timeless elegance resulting unique mix of fashion trends.


Yes, jeans are an indispensable actor in every urban fashion story , but this season is raised on a pedestal and get a new wave of respect even from luxury fashion houses . Torn , patchy , " bojfrend " tight and elastic ... virtually no restrictions in jeans .

In fact , Favor everything from denim and not a mistake.The farm shirt or jacket follow the trend " of denim denim ".For making a winning combination basic rule says to combine jeans and shirt that are quite different blue tint and possibly with a different texture .


Botanic gardens let us ignite your desire for color appearance. Swim in a world of floral prints and January fussiness because this trend does not leave room for error.
Tropical prints perceive their five minutes,
so fantasy spring distant and exotic locations for inspiration. 

However, flower patterns are not enough, go one step further with 3D floral applications.


The top designers boldly proposed, famous ladies have embraced with fashion bloggers him fall in love, and naked belly has grown into attractive challenge. 

Short shirts, corsets, blouses and shirts combined with pants and skirts with high waist to keep moderate provocation in appearance. The refined look is important not to overdo the stripped bare. Also be careful how tight clothes.

Smooth pastel shades bombastically entered the fashion world a few seasons due to their compelling and nobody even tries to suppress their strength. 

Baby blue and pink color put on top, and do not forget the attractive coral, yellow,
mint and milky-green shades.


Sports clothes again serve as a source of inspiration for the creators. 
Shaker tops reminiscent of jerseys, "bomber" jackets, pants
and overalls with side tape or cord hips are just part of sports complex trend. 

Very unexpectedly, sneakers replaced shoes with high heels on the catwalk, even found a place in high fashion. Not challenged, give them a break on their feet and put the comfort in the foreground.


Provocative slogans and phrases and logos are prominently inscribed in the center of many creations from the latest collections. For a unique look, you own a plain blouse or shirt to simple animal print motorcycle or a particular message that is connecting.

Transparent materials to cheat and look discreetly Unveil body. Because dancing character they give a new dimension of creativity. 

The lace tenderness and charm with rich texture and for several seasons back is among the most remarkable trends. If you have not given em a place in your closet, now is the high time for a new lace dress.


No signs of abating in popularity of the classic black and white combination, the great joy of many. The timeless appeal of this combination is particularly strong because it connects with simple elegance and underlying the minimalist style. 

On the other hand, black and white game can be so very strong, it can turn into a dynamic print with hypnotically effect. In any case, it is clear that the black and white trend continues his dominance.

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