Friday, April 18, 2014

PHOTO: Sarah Jessica Parker is a chic lady "Maria.Valentina"

Sarah Jessica Parker in several seasons is the face of "Maria.Valentina"
and she is expected to star new fashion campaign fall / winter of 2014. 

49-year-old actress looks sophisticated and modern collection which features a rich mix of textures and classic colors. 

Brazilian brand images were taken in the Brooklyn Museum in New York by Guy Aroch.

PHOTO: Adriana Lima and Candice Svanapul - hot angels in London

Adriana Lima and Candice Svanapul arrived in London to officially announce that the show of Victoria's Secret this year will take place right in the British metropolis.
Attractive angels with their charms attracted prying lenses of photo-reporters. 

For promotional event held in the boutique VS, Adriana expressed her neck with short red dress from the fall collection of Matthew Williamson and red shoes by Giuseppe Dzanoti.
Candice meanwhile, recorded in a white dress by Roland Mures and sleek sandals from Christian Lobutin.

Show the Victoria's Secret fashion show is the largest in the world. 
Well, it would be great to bring to London. I love it here. Especially shopping "- said Lima.