Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PHOTO: Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark "Mister World 2014"

Niklas Pedersen last night won the title "Mister World". 23-year-old representative of Denmark won the contest held in Torbej, England.

"I never imagined that one day I will be crowned Mr. World. I literally have no words and I can not believe it happened. I want to thank everyone for the love and support! Thank you believed in me and I delivered on my dream "- he said.

Niklas, who is a carpenter by profession, describes itself as "the happiest man in the world who live life to the maxium."

Kristina Bazan - blogger with a sharpened sense of stylistic harmony

Enter  in the luxury world by Kristina Bazan,
20-year-old girl for three years shares his adventures fashion blog Kayture. 

Boldly combining creations from renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Dior, Mango, Guess and Jimmy Choo, Bazan impress and inspire. In a short time her style diary has become the most popular blog in Switzerland, and she emerged as influential trend which collaborates with prestigious companies such as Chopard, Piaget and Cartier.

My personal style is developed with classic elegance and pure minimalism, although from time to time and love to play with prints and striking pieces, especially during fashion weeks" - she said.
Many people dream of fashion "into the shoes" of Bazan, except that since it possesses fascinating collection clothes, continuously traveling around the world.

The camera simply loves Bazan. Quality photos that are works that impresses her boyfriend James. While hundreds of thousands of loyal fans are inspired by the style of Christina, she draws inspiration from the sovereign fashion icons, and admits: "I look up to classic beauties like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn in terms of style."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Make-Up Trends - Spring / Summer 2014

Decorative cosmetics that will attract during the warmer months follow appealing mix of trends that were popular in past seasons. Innovations lacking, SVC artists aspire to minimalism, but there are exciting developments will encourage you to emphasize your individuality.

Delicate Pastel MAKE-UP

Pastel makeup is a fantastic way to bring some color
to the face without advance certain aesthetic boundaries. 

Soft coral and pink lipsticks, eye shadows delicate in dairy shades and light pink blush let you stand within reach in the next few months. Sooner or later you will want to check out what they can do for your beauty.

Orange Lips 

Fresh orange lips will magnetically attract the people. Red lipstick is untoched force in trends, but orange shades will bring a new wave of playfulness into your look. 

Prefer matte finish if lipstick is a strong orange color and add shine if you choose milky tint.


You have a desire to enrich its collection with new makeup shade? Let it be a shade of blue or turquoise shade. Blue shadows, especially those resembling sapphire, one of the strongest trends. 
Almost no cosmetic company that does not involve blue shadows in their palettes.


Sixties of last century inexhaustible inspiration when it comes to beauty. During the warmer months drew ideas for retro eyeliner type "cat eyes" and flashes like a doll. 

Eyes outlined the top cover with a pencil or shower today charm with the same intensity as it did decades ago. Eyelashes that resemble doll will capture several layers of mascara or fake eyelashes popular.


The smokey dark makeup that implies the grunge style I won a place among the trends.
Draw the eyes with dark pencil and then carefully drip it to get "soft" undefined lines. 
Complete the look with dark eye shadow. The most interesting are violet hues.


Do not you dare to reach for the White eyeliner? Now gather courage and give him a chance to become an ally in the process of beautification. Draw the bottom cover to get rid of the sleepy appearance and visually enlarge the eyes, or highlight the inner corner of the eye for a fresh look. However, the most interesting way to implement this trend into your look is to draw the "wings" of the eyelids (white cat look).

If White eyeliner is not of your taste, safer variant of this trend white shades. Cover artists advise that great white shades combined with red lipstick.