Sunday, May 4, 2014

20 Years Of Antonia Ristovska Marked WITH NEW COLLECTION ART EN DECO , Spring / Summer 2014

Fashion designer Antonia Ristovska the Capitol Mall presents its new collection Spring / Summer 2014 which we marked the 20th anniversary of his work .

" The creation led me to change and the need for a new modern look of today's woman . The change that is caused by the Art Deco movement as ornaments of architecture , geometry , energy , retrospective , optimism , color , texture , light and sometimes even as symbolism . The works are observed three-dimensionality , depth and texture expressed in those applications. Kroevite emphasize femininity expressed through strict and soft lines . Contrasts are expressed in combining colors and materials . The preparation technique is applied Hand made before preparation machine shienje.The collection is minimalist and in the spirit of 60s and 80s. The collection is made ​​branded buttons and pieces , " said the designer Antonia Ristovska.

Latest Art en Deco Collection Spring / Summer 2014 is inspired by modern architecture began to create the 20th and 30th years of the 20th century known as the Art Deco movement influenced the movements of modernism , cubism , futurism and functionalism .
Fashion designer Antonia Ristovska this collection marked 20 years of its operation . 20 years of creativity and hard work . 20 years of love transformed into creations of contemporary lady .

 " Love of this work led me all these years . Combined with the talent and hard work this jubilee of 20 years is now before us . Yet that which seems the brand Antonia Ristovska today 's quality craftsmanship of each creation, which gives confidence to every client , " said the designer .
In its work to date includes 20 kits and 15 shows the territory of Macedonia , Kosovo and Turkey.

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